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Christmas Light Installers


Christmas Light Installation can fit any budget according to your need!

Got Your Own Christmas and Holiday Lights

If you have your own set of outdoor decorative Holiday lights, Denver Christmas light Installers can hang them for you. The flat set up fee for your installation and removal of Christmas decorations is $150, which we ask for prior to the install, and includes a minimum 2 hours of installation labor which costs a total of $180. The total minimum for "Got your Own Lights" is $330. There is no fee for decoration removal. And just in case you’d like your Christmas decoration display to be a little brighter with extra Christmas lights, we have plenty of our own outdoor lights to add at your request (additional fees apply)

Holiday Decoration and Christmas Light Installation are what we love to do!


Please call one of dedicated staff to help you with your Holiday Lights needs and to set you up with an appointment. Please see our Banner tab for pricing on pole banners and stands.


Basic Holiday Incandescent Package
(Starting at $499)

Basic Holiday LED Package
(Starting at $699)

Brighter, Sharper and Save 89% off your Electric

Ideal for 1,300 to 2,500 square foot homes, this Christmas decorations package includes:

-All Labor
-All associated materials
-Weather Proofing
-Installation and Removal -150 Feet of Commercial Grade C7 or C9 Christmas lights
-One 40ft Extension cord
-Innovative design

Christmas Light Custom Incandescent Package
(Starting at $699)

Christmas Light Custom LED Package
(Starting at $949)

Brighter, Sharper and Save 89% off your Electric

For a home 2,500 square feet or larger, consider our Christmas Light Custom Package for your residential outdoor light display and decoration, christmas tree lights included. Simply set up an appointment any time you have a 3-hour window for a personal consultation about your Christmas decorations. During this time, you can share your ideas for your Christmas lights, and we’ll share ours. We offer free estimates. We ask for a 50 percent deposit before installation of your Christmas decorations.

-All Labor
-All associated materials
-Weather Proofing
-Installation and Removal
-200 Feet of Commercial Grade C7 or C9 Christmas lights
-Two Trees or up to 4 Boxes of 200 Mini Lights
-4’x6” Net Lights
-2 40’ Extension cords
-2 Timers  
-Innovative design

For an even brighter outdoor holiday lighting display, we can add holiday lights at your request at a cost of $30 for every additional Box of C7 or C9 25ft X- MAS lights. For LED C7 or C9 is $50 per 25ft box. The cost to replace C7 and C9 string boxes with incandescent Icicle lights is $30 per box. The cost to replace C7 and C9 LED Lights with LED Icicle Lights is $60 per Box. Tree Trunks are $7 foot at 6”spacing for incandescent and $12 foot at 6” spacing for LED. Payment in full is required prior to installation of the Basic Package, and any additional Christmas decorations services or materials you request will be billed to you.  

*All Christmas decorations packages except “Got Your Own Lights” include one complimentary service call. (Additional visits are $90 each.)


Christmas Light Installation

Have your lights installed in October and receive a 20% discount

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Have your lights installed prior to November 15th and receive a 15% discount.

We serve Metro Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Vail, Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Boulder, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Cheyenne (WY), Orange Count, Los Angelos, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque.